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I am a free-lance Graphic and Web Designer. I have over 25 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Business Ownership as well as Graphic Design. My expertise in Sales & Marketing began with the Retail, Hospitality, Direct Sales & Network Sales Industries. I have owned and operated a retail furniture business, bridal and meeting planning businesses, and two (2) internet e-commerce businesses and have been creating the corporate branding and marketing materials for all of these entities. Throughout all of the various businesses that I have owned and/or was employed by, the sales & marketing aspect is a common challenging thread for most companies to understand and overcome.
I am unique as a designer because I always design with two viewpoints. First point of view is YOU, the visionary, at the same time I am also designing with your customer's viewpoint, to make sure you have a very strong ROI from your project.
My main focus of design is to create your desired image and/or message for traditional and/or digital print materials. I have collaborated with many clients across the country. I feel that my strongest quality is that I LISTEN to my clients vision and willing to allow my clients to have input at all phases of the project. I believe that the design in progress is not truly my creation until my client is "wowed" and completely satisfied. 

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